Jazzae ford - tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, mini

CRYSTAL DELGODO - tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, itty bitty, mini 

jessica winter-troutwine - ballet

Israel Chenge - ballet

isauro gomez - tap 

Shelby Poch - tap, jazz, itty bitty, combo

peyton Dixon - jazz, contemporary, combo

Kendall isaacs - jazz, acro, contemporary

Lianna norris - hip hop, conditioning

Kara Madden - ballet, pilates


2019/2020 SPECIAL INSTRUCTORS: MARKUS SHEILDS, RACHEL SEIGEL, Christa Smutek, Cheyenne Baker, selena molter, kyle motler, crystal ahlberg, kitwana clark, Rita Mosley, isaac morgan, david braciak

special thanks to our guest instructors/choreographers for pouring love and knowledge into our dancers, YOU ARE APPRECIATED! #ittakesavillage